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Mes réponses en anglais au Blog de Ruslan

1/ Apart from the fact that I am an elected representative of the Ile-de-France region, I am also president of « Elus Locaux Contre le Sida » (local elected representatives against Aids) which is a society of more than 14.000 French elected representatives-and I am also member of the National Council of Aids, which is a French organization made up of personalities from all kinds of  groups (medical, charitable, religious) This organization offers different roads of action to the French public authorities. Another one of my battles, which is very dear to me, is the one in favour of euthanasia. I’m the president of ADMD (Association Pour le Droit de Mourir dans la Dignité) which is a Right-to-Die Society with nearly 50.000 members in France. It is indeed absolutely essential in my opinion that every single person should be able to decide for him/her self how he/she would like to end his/her life in the most dignified way possible. Do not hesitate in to look up the website : www.admd.net for more information.


2/ In the battles I fight, I often come up against personal interests, prejudices, conservative and even fundamentalist ideologies. When one knows that 5000 people die a day because of Aids, I can not let the problem be played down or be told, „it is not my problem“. That is why I have been fighting for nearly 15 years because I think that even if this disease remains deadly, Aids can still be better tackled by politics.


3/ The international community understood how high the stakes were in the fight against Aids. But understanding the stakes does not mean act accordingly. Let us be clear: today: the fight against HIV/ Aids is cruelly suffering from shortage of money! And because of this lack of money many millions of people die every year although their deaths could easily have been avoided! I have a concrete fear: that the economic crisis should have as a consequence the stagnation of the funds granted for the fight against the HIV/ Aids virus or, even worse, a diminishing of these funds. It would be a very serious and dramatic decision because the fight against HIV/Aids requires a massive commitment from every single country in the world. But when I see the enormous amounts of money released and given to the banks to face the crisis, I say to myself that money can be found, it is just a matter of political will.


4/ If you don’ t mind, I will not come out with all the numbers because you can find them on the following link of UNAIDS: http://data.unaids.org/pub/Report/bulgaria-2008-country-progress-report-en-pdf

I would just like to attract your attention on a population which is increasingly vulnerable in Bulgaria: the drug-users (those who use syringes). Globally in Eastern Europe, there is an explosion of new cases amongst  that population. I think it is necessary to watch what is going on and to install a policy of risk reduction ( exchanging the syringes etc). This is a policy which has been very successful in France on the level of public health.


5/ The public authorities should stop having an ideological speech about Aids. They should become conscious of the fact that an efficient policy against Hiv/Aids should be pragmatic because Aids touches every  category of population. Ideological speeches and great sermons are not efficient for health and social problems.In my opinion it is just turning away from facts : to solve a problem, you must accept to see it as it is !


6/ First of all thank you for having invited me on your blog and all the best to you ! The message I would like to give your readers is an information about Bulgaria: do you know that your country denies Hiv infected people the possibility to spend some time there ? If I , who have been Hiv/ infected for the past 20 years, would like to spend a few months in your country, I am not allowed to do so! And only because of my serological condition. Yet we all know that Aids is not a contagious disease! Please join us in our fight against these terrible discriminations on : www.aids-sida-discriminations.fr or www.elcs.fr

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