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Entry Ban in Europe for people with AIDS

There are even restrictions within the EU for people living with AIDS : true enough, they do not concern the European nationals and the delivery of short-term visas is not restricted by the fact of being -positive. However a completely different picture arises for stays exceeding 3 months in 13 of the 27 member nations.1ce677d9d41d91df45bd166dbb8fdad6.jpg
So very clearly, Austria, Bavaria (one of Germany´s "Länder"), Cyprus and Slovenia have legislations prohibiting HIV-infected people to stay for a longer period of time. Many testimonies from Belgium and Great Britain show that there are discriminations for people working in the field of public health ad for students. Generally speaking, many member countries of the EU have extremely ambiguous legislations on the subject, such as for instance Bulgaria, Greece, Hungaria, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Sweden .

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