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Let us be worthy of Maia Simon

ca2cdf437e89fcbefcdb7cd03c2b7765.jpgThanks to Jacques Besset who is in charge of the newsletter commission, this 105th edition is breaking news.
This news is all about Maia Simon, this very talented actress who gave an interview on RTL to announce her double departure/the first being a trip to the Swiss Alps with her friends and the second igniting a sparkling light on this land of Kenya which she loved dearly and which will be her home for all eternity.

Let us be worthy of Maia Simon [suite]

The message Maia Simon left us and which her friend Many- who accompanied her to the gates of the unknown and brought us the loveliest photo of her because it is a symbol of freedom-is a message impressive by its quality.
The lucidity, the intelligence, the serenity, the clarity , the willpower , the emotion , the gentleness , the humanism , the open-mindedness , the conquest of new horizons which Maia offers us , at peace with herself and with her loved ones are a proof that when made possible , the end of life is not an end but a beginning of something else. Maia Simon wanted her death to serve our battle. We must be worthy of this legacy and join our forces to obtain this last liberty which does not exclude anything or anybody.
Facing the beauty of Maia Simon’s message which she entrusted upon us in a brotherly-or sisterly way , we must erase the mediocrity and the pettiness which we all bear within us.
Do not be sad or wistful whilst reading these pages. We are evoking joy and space.

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