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5700 deaths a day in 2007 because of AIDS

Just a few days before the World AIDS day on December the first, UNAIDS just gave us the last figures of the pandemia. As bad as ever.cfd05f6e0e2e5bccd1aaca7959dccee9.jpg
The survey mentions that the number of HIV infected went down from 39,5 million to 33,2 million worldwide. This is true but although this sounds encouraging, there is a more realistic explanation : UNAIDS has new and more precise evaluation methods.
The situation is still very serious : 5700 people die every day and in 2007 ,2,1 million people died of AIDS, among them 300.000 children younger than 15.
2,5 million people have been infected in 2007, among them 400.000 children.

5700 deaths a day in 2007 because of AIDS [suite]

It is still Africa that pays the heaviest tribute to AIDS with 1,6 million deaths this year, followed by South and South East Asia with 270.000 deaths. 12.OOO deaths in Europe , knowing that whoever needs medication gets it there for free. Let us not forget that 100.000 to 150.000 people live with AIDS in France and…. nearly 40.000 in Paris, which has the highest ranking among Europe ’s capitals.
When they discover these new figures, I am- still- hoping that politicians will make AIDS the health priority it deserves to be at a national and an international level.

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